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    Be part of the next generation...

    People often ask what makes us different to other equestrian brands, and there’s a lot to tell you. So put your feet up for just a minute or two and find out...

    More than just another brand.

    Can you combine style, fashion and value with outstanding safety? Absolutely! However, safety is something that the evoke family value above all else, and it all began nearly 10 years ago. Our founder, David Mitson, was out on a leisurely hack when his horse spooked and he fell. Not a fall at speed, or over a jump, he fell in walk, and hit the side of his head (whilst wearing a riding hat). Having played elite rugby he’d had his share of concussions, but over the next 48 hours he would suffer the worst episode of concussion he had ever experienced, with loss of memory, sickness and headaches. This was the beginning of understanding that not all safety brands are the same, and years later and over £3 million invested, evoke was born.

    The best standards and the best people.

    evoke wasn't a mere business decision but a manifestation of past experiences with other brands and our unwavering core values: Family, Ownership, Trust, Listening, Challenge, and Collaboration. These principles aren't just words; they shape the evoke identity, our DNA, and our operational philosophy. We refuse to compromise on quality, hiring the best in the industry to make our vision a reality across the board. We have some of the industries leading names; from our Technical Director Helen Riley, who sits on the European Standards Committee and anchors the brand's safety-centric approach, to our designers who ensure that safety comes with style.

    Investing in Your Safety

    We have our own BSI (British Standards Institute) certification, and we test in Great Britain. Our collections proudly adhere to a variety of the Safety Regulations including PAS 015: 2011, VG1, ASTM F1163-23, EN 1384: 2023 (pending), and carry their own voluntary prestigious British Kitemark to PAS 015, along with CE/UKCA certification. We are already working to the new EN:1384: 2023 Standard, as well as selected styles being equipped with SNELL E2021; ASTM F1163-23/SEI Standards and MIPS technologies. We are leading the way in a new era of equestrian safety.

    But doesn’t everyone have these we hear you ask?

    Surprisingly, NO! To have your own certification and Kitemark requires significant expertise, investment and external auditing. You would be surprised to hear that many of the brands you see in stores are models purchased from a factory, just with a different badge on!

    Putting our customers before profit.

    We are the first to introduce an innovative Helmet Replacement Scheme, urging riders to prioritise safety without undue financial burden after any fall within 6 months of purchasing any helmet and with subsequent registration of the product online – a real industry first.

    Join the Revolution.

    Our mission isn’t solely about producing riding hats though; it is about nurturing a safety and style centric ethos within the equestrian community. Our ambitions transcend safety alone and will include an exclusive capsule collection of horse wear and equestrian lifestyle apparel, each piece echoing the same commitment to quality, style, and innovation. As we continue our journey, we maintain our relentless pursuit of perfection in product development. The evoke mission isn't just to meet industry milestones; it is a testament to our profound passion for the sport, our community, and, above all, the safety and welfare of horses and riders.
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