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    With so many different helmets on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the right fit for you. Not only do you need to consider the design, features, and size, but also whether the helmet is appropriate for the type of riding that you’ll be doing. Luckily, there is something for everyone, and hopefully our guide below will help you choose the right helmet.

    Step 1 – What type of riding am I doing?

    An important factor to consider when choosing a new helmet is the type of riding you’ll be doing. A helmet used for dressage may have different safety features than one that is used for cross-country.

    Peaked helmets are normally used for general riding, dressage and showjumping. Because of the peak, they aren’t suitable for cross-country or racing.

    Jockey skulls are used for racing and eventing, not even a smallest brim is permissible. Jockey skulls are tested to the same Standards as peaked helmets, however the discerning jockey or event rider might choose to use a jockey skull with one of the higher Standards such as PAS 015; 2011 or Snell E2021 because of their increased risk of a crush accident. They are normally paired with a hat silk, allowing you to customise the helmet

    Other types of helmet include velvet coverings with peaks, which have a more traditional look and are often used for showing or hunting, and polo helmets, which offer a different kind of protection usually tested to NOCSAE Polo Standard they also have a wide brim to aid vision.

    Step 2 – Safety Standards – What do they mean?

    There are a number of Standards and certifications that helmet manufacturers must meet, all of which have a set of checks that must be carried out before they hit the market. There are three main international safety Standards that all helmets must meet at least one of: PAS015:2011, EN 1384: 2023 and ASTM F1163:23. These Standards rigorously test the helmets using a variety of different methods, many of which mimic situations that might occur involving riding and working with horses. Different types of riding may require different helmets and safety Standards, so it is important to ensure that you check which types of helmet are approved for your discipline.

    The fourth and final safety standard is SNELL 2021, which is the most extreme safety standard and the best for high-risk disciplines.

    Step 3 – Which features do I want my helmet to have?

    Now that you’ve chosen the best type of helmet for your discipline, and checked that it meets the safety criteria, it’s time to think about the other important features.

    Some peaked helmets, such as the Callisto, come with different peak options. The classic peak is a smaller peak, designed to be subtle, whilst the elegant wide peak option gives better protection from the elements.

    As well as different peak options, the chin strap and harness can also vary. Do you want this to match the helmet colour, or do you want to opt for something different, such as the tan leather that can be chosen on the Orion?

    Another factor to consider is ventilation. Riders in warmer climates may want to choose a helmet with better airflow to aid cooling. 

    Step 4 – Style & Design

    Maybe the area with the biggest variation in choice, the style of the helmet is ultimately the most important choice for many riders – we all want to look our best in the ring. From colourways to materials, the evoke range offers a variety of quality finishes.

    Examples of colours and materials:

    • Matt paint
    • Gloss paint
    • Sanded finish
    • Carbon look
    • Crystals
    • Metallic paint
    • Rose gold 

    Step 5 – Getting the perfect fit

    Once you have chosen the helmet that best suits your style and discipline, it’s time to ensure the perfect fit. Our helmet range caters for a variety of head shapes and sizes.

    Once you’ve measured the circumference of your head, this will give you an indication of which sizes you should try, remember not all head shapes are the same nor are all helmets. Our liner system makes finding the right size easy. We have three different sizes in each helmet, small, medium and large, each of which have a further three or four liner sizes, to ensure a snug fit. 

    The helmet should give a snug and even pressure all the way around the head, without any pressure points. It should also have full stability, movement should be restricted to no more than 10mm when moving the helmet forwards, or backwards. A helmet that is too big may have the ability to rotate on the head during a fall, leaving areas that need to be protected more vulnerable, whilst a helmet that is too small could put excess pressure on the head and not give you the coverage protection you should have. Remember, the helmet will mould to the shape of your head the more you wear it. The safest helmet is the one that fits your head the best. It is always advised to have extra liners, to allow frequent washing, and these should be replaced and renewed regularly to maintain a good fit. 

    We always recommend going to a professional to get your helmet correctly fitted.

    Step 6 – Where should I buy my helmet?

    The best place to purchase your new helmet is at a trusted retailer, who will be able to advise on the best helmet for you and ensure that is correctly fitted. If you have purchased the helmet before and know that it fits, then buying online maybe fine, however be aware that fibre glass shells may vary as these involve some element of handmade they can vary in size from one batch to the next by 1-2mm. just ensure that you are confident in the retailer that you’re ordering from. You should never buy a second-hand helmet, as you never know what type of impact it has sustained and if it still safe to wear. 


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