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  • Which Helmet Is Right For My Discipline?

    Choosing the correct type of helmet for your discipline is very important to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

    Regardless of the type of riding that you do, buying a helmet is a very important decision. Different disciplines have different requirements when it comes to helmets, so it is important to ensure that you are following the correct guidelines. 

    Best helmet for showjumping or dressage

    Our Callisto is suitable for all disciplines where a peak is permitted, such as showjumping or dressage. It confirms to PAS015; 2011, EN1384 2023 and is BSI kitemarked following the regulations as set out by British Showjumping.

    The 18 stylish colour and finish options ensure that you will look your very best in the ring, regardless of what else you are wearing. If you really want to stand out, you could opt for a gloss or crystal finish. The moisture wicking removeable liner has a comfort nape pad and triple ventilation ensures that you stay cool whilst riding, there is also a wide peak option to provide protection from the elements should you desire it.

    Overall, the Callisto is a stylish and lightweight helmet that will not only keep you safe but turn heads with its eye-catching design.

    The Ophelia and Elara will join the Callisto as our additional fixed peak helmet options in 2024.

    Best helmet for cross-country or racing

    The Orion is our first jockey skull, which is ideal for cross-country as it does not have a fix-peaked. It conforms to four different safety standards such as PAS015; 2011, VG1, EN1384 2023 and ASTM F1163-23, so you can rest assured that it is suitable for eventing in both the UK and USA.

    It is a fully ventilated skull cap with stylised contrast panels and reinforcement mesh. Like the Callisto, it has padded moisture wicking removeable liners, to ensure that you are kept cool. The superior leatherette comfort harness and rear lacing provide a safe and secure fit. The Orion has 8 design options ranging from high shine to matt-carbon, as well as the option to have a tan leather harness.

    Overall, the Orion is a safe and secure helmet for racing or eventing, designed to combine comfort, fashion and safety in a revolutionary way.

    The JS4K, Oberon and Polaris will join the Orion as our additional jockey skull cap options in 2024.

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