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  • Look great, Feel great – The evoke Helmet Fitting Process

    The evoke range offers a variety of different styles and finishes, and using one of our trained and approved fitters or retailers will ensure that you not only look great in your new helmet, but you will feel it too.

    The Importance of Fitting

    We are committed to your safety, and want to ensure that anyone buying an evoke helmet has had it correctly fitted by one of our approved retailers. We wouldn’t get on our horse without a helmet, so why would we get on with an ill-fitting one?

    You might think that a helmet feels comfortable, but our fitters are trained to spot things that you might not, such as unwanted gaps or areas that will create uneven pressure over time. There’s nothing worse than getting a headache on a long hack.

    We also can’t predict how or when we will fall, so we must ensure that our helmet is correctly fitted by a trained person, to offer protection in the event of an impact, reducing the risk of head or brain injuries.

    The Liner System

    Here at evoke, we do not rely on broad size ranges, but instead, a robust, safe and comfortable liner system that enables you to find the helmet that fits you correctly. Our helmets come in three main size options: small, medium, and large. Separate liners are then added to the helmets, with corresponding centimeter sizing. If you’re between sizes, our retailers even have custom liners, ensuring that there is no compromise to your safety when choosing your helmet.

    The Fitting Process

    When you visit one of our approved retailers, you know that you will be getting the best fitting experience possible. Our retailers have all been trained to fit evoke, and will ensure that the helmet you choose provides you with the upmost protection.

    1. The Interview

    Before you start thinking about sizes and measurements, your fitter will ask you some questions about the type of riding that you do. This will enable them to gain an understanding of your needs, and direct you to the correct type of helmet for your discipline. They might also ask you what you do and don’t like in a helmet, so they know which designs or shapes to suggest to you.

    1. Static Measurement

    Once you and your fitter have decided which helmet you would like fitted, it is time to start measuring. Your fitter will ensure that your hair is positioned as it would be if you were actually riding, and then begin. Using a measuring tape, they will measure the circumference of your head, ensuring that they do this a couple of times in order to take the most accurate measurement.

    Now that you know the circumference of your head, you know which size range you should try.  For example, if you measure your head, and it is 56cm, your fitter may start with the correct shell and EPS liner combination with a 56cm liner inside. However, not all heads are the same shape, nor are all helmets, and it may mean that for the helmet to sit down on your head fully you need a liner size of 57cm. The fitter can then assess whether there are any gaps and if the helmet is stable.

    1. Final Fitting

    Fitting the actual helmet might feel like a long process, but it is very important for both you and your fitter to ensure that everything is correct. For the physical fitting, your fitter will perform a number of tests.

    First, they will ensure that the helmet sits on your head properly, and can be felt on the crown of your head. Once the helmet is on, you can fasten and adjust the chin strap, as this is what gives the helmet stability on the head. They will gently move it around, assessing how much stability it has, and how much it moves forwards and backwards. It is also important to ensure that there are no gaps between your head and the rim of your helmet. Remember, the helmet may feel tighter than your current one, but this is because the foam becomes compacted over time.

    You may need to try a few different liners or helmet shapes before you find the correct fit, but with evoke’s liner system and vast variety of designs you are sure to come away with a properly fitted helmet that looks and feels great.

    Ride with Confidence

    Your fitter will only sell you a helmet that they know fits on your head properly – it has to protect your most vital organ! Remember – you might try a helmet on and think it feels ok, but our fitters are trained to spot things that you might not.

    By visiting one of our approved retailers, you can ride confidently knowing that you are safe and that no shortcuts or compromises to your safety have been made.


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